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Icons Collection

Shop Sweatshirts Designed to last We design our Icons to last over time.  Timeless and durable in nature, they have evolved adapting to change.  Thanks to innovation we manage to improve its quality and we do it in a more sustainable way. Comfeeling  Feeling of tranquility and comfort, similar to the state of peace and security that the home provides, but that is experienced in various situations and places.70% of our Icons have elastic fabrics, knits and details such as elastic waistbands or laces that provide greater comfort and versatility to the Garments.   R [ECO] nsider 85% of our Icons are more sustainable thanks to the use of organic cotton, recycled polyester, the sustainable washes of our Denim and...

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    A large part of our commitment to the planet translates into the use of recycled raw materials grown in a sustainable way, as well as the use of technologies that allow us to use less water in the finishing process of our jeans. This Spring - Summer 21 season, 80% of our jeans have been manufactured in a more sustainable way . Better for the planet.Better for you.     FIBERS - 23,700 of organic cotton  Our organic cotton is harvested from seeds that were not genetically modified and using natural techniques to control pests and keep the soil healthy. Most of our denim is sustainable using organic cotton, recycled cotton, or water-saving techniques. Respectful of your skin and the environment!   To Be- 60%...

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R [ECO] NSIDER     of our concern for the planet and the concern to be more responsible. OURCOMMITMENT is to produce in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way. WE WANT TOCONTRIBUTE to the construction of a better future taking care of our environment. Material and Finishes ORGANIC cotton Its seeds are not genetically modified and it is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It needs 90% less water than conventional cotton. In addition to caring for the planet, we obtain materials free of chemicals and toxins.    SUSTAINABLE linen A fiber grown in Europe in a sustainable way, which we use alone or mixed with organic cotton. A unique, durable, fresh and versatile material.   RECYCLED Polyester It has the same quality as conventional...

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